Lines and blocks 2

Create horizontal or vertical lines with the lines on the falling blocks. Create [...]

Basketball Hoops

Are you stuck indoors, when all you really want to do is get out on the court an [...]

Love Tester Deluxe

Always wanted to know if two people are a match? Enter the names in this Love Te [...]

Farm Puzzle Story 2

Farm Puzzle Story 2 is an awesome matching casual game! Use your amazing skills [...]

Coins Transporter Monster ..

This game is a monster truck game, but different kind of game.You have to keep o [...]

Table Soccer

Classic Table Soccer game. Try to beat your computer opponent. You can move all [...]

Tower of Hanoi

Classic mind game. Move the tower from the left to the right. You can only stack [...]

Extreme Blocks

Create horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines with the lines on the falling bloc [...]


Classic Pacman game. Eat all the yellow dots and avoid the ghosts.


Dots is one of those rare games that you fire up to kill a few minutes of spare [...]