Shape Game

Shape Game

Match the shapes falling from above to the circles. Move the top row of circles [...]

Jump The Birds

Jump the birds game has a doodle game dynamics that you have not experienced bef [...]

Fist Bump

Give me a Fist Bump is a great game where you can have fun with your friends. Sh [...]

Candy Chain

Candy Chain is a game about triggering chain reaction. Blast the flying candies [...]

‏‏Virus Bird

Help flapping bird flying in the sky safely and avoid terrible viruses (like cor [...]


MiniMissions is a collection of 80 difficult skill games. Each time you complete [...]

Super Mario Coin Adventure

Super Mario Coin Adventure is a new kind of Mario game that you can play with on [...]

Square Clicker

Click in the white square for obtain money and purchase upgrades for improve the [...]

Find The Dragons

The Dragons were having so much fun on the Party that got lost!! Help to Find th [...]

Kick The Zombie

Halloween is coming. Suddenly appeared a zombie in the neighborhood. Use your we [...]